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How do you make a blister stop hurting?

To help your blister heal, if it hasn’t drained is get a moleskin pad and cut a hole in the center for the blister! If you drain the blister or it pops is to make sure to keep the existing skin on top of the blister and use the Neosporin for Pain very frequently! Any Suggestions here?


  1. rose Reply:

    I’ve had blisters on my feet for a week and half now. I’ve cleaned them, and even cut them open to let them drain. I’ve been walking a lot, but my blisters aren’t healing or going away, my feet are on fire, how do I make them stop burning?

  2. Patria Reply:

    How to Treat a Steam Burn & Get it to Stop Hurting. Anyone who spends time Cover the burn with sterile gauze, leaving the blister intact. The blister is actually Source:

  3. Martha Reply:

    Apply an antibiotic ointment, such as polymixin B or bacitracin, if you are not allergic to it. This will ease the pain.

  4. Mara Reply:

    1 1. Watch out what you eat. Chocolates, peanuts, walnuts, cashew, almonds and other have amino acids that can increase the growth of the HSV. You can then eat milk, fish, beef, pork and chicken because they are rich in lysine. 2 2. It is i… Source:

  5. Creola Reply:

    Blisters can come from anything like working hard with your hands, working out, walking in new shoes, and dancing in high heels. They can be very painful. Here are some tips on how to lessen the pain of a blister. You can either decide to d… Source:

  6. Phyliss Reply:

    First if your blister has not yet drained is get a moleskin pad and cut a hole in the center for the blister. This will help protect the skin on the blister so it can heal quicker. Next if you decide to drain it or if it breaks on its own m… Source:

  7. Ina Reply:

    Why is my blister hurting so running ( i know stupid) well u got two huge sole of my left foot much?!?!? I didnt wear socks while water blisters on on the and one on the big

  8. Frieda Reply:

    Put NEOSPORIN on a bandage and put it over the blister!That should help! It will be healed in just a few days!

  9. Thomas Reply:

    How do you stop pumps from hurting and giving you blisters? Answer It! you should take it to a vet to get the teeth trimed. How to make my mouth stop hurting ?

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