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How long does it take a blister to heal?

Most blisters heal on their own in a few days! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Charlotte Reply:

    Filled with liquid, blisters can contain blood, which can turn into pus if they How Long Does It Take to Heal a Second Degree Burn? Second degree burns Source:

  2. Stella Reply:

    It’ll take several days up to a week or so to heal up. The blister that forms protects the irritated skin underneath. Once the blister ruptures, the skin feels more sensitive, raw and sore. Keep clean with soap and water and you may cover l

  3. Danille Reply:

    As many as one third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by their disease, according to the American Diabetes Association. Some disorders that affect diabetics can affect anyone, but diabetics can get them m… Source:

  4. Ranee Reply:

    A blister on the skin caused by irritation often results in the outer layer of the skin separating from the lower layer with fluid. In some cases, the blister can become infected and irritated. There are natural, effective ways to heal the … Source:

  5. Jeffie Reply:

    The best way to heal a blister is to cover it with a band-aid and wait for the skin underneath to heal. You can pop the blister and release the fluid that is inside but this will not help expedite the healing process! Source:

  6. Elfriede Reply:

    how long does a blister take and i didn’t know how hot it would be and so i ta to Heal? About a month ago I I went to take the was making some tea and cup out of the microwave

  7. Migdalia Reply:

    About a week, as long as you dont tear the dead skin off and leave it open to infection! Just keep it covered with a bandage and apply some antibiotic ointment or plain petroleum jelly to keep it soft!

  8. Majorie Reply:

    How long does it take a blister to heal? It takes about two to four weeks. If they take out your nail how long does it take to heal? It take a long time because once I

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