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How long does it take Chicken Pox to heal?

Chicken Pox become blisters! After the blisters break a crust forms on the spot! This crust takes about 5 days to fall off! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Phylicia Reply:

    On the other hand, if blisters are the result of chickenpox or shingles, wear loose clothing. How Long Does It Take to Heal a Second Degree Burn? Second Source:

  2. Bronwyn Reply:

    Chickenpox blisters usually stop appearing by the 5th day,most are crusted by the 6th day, and most scabs are gone within 20 days.

  3. Krissy Reply:

    Fever, rash, and red bumps are some of the symptoms of the chicken pox. If you are unsure of what is causing these symptoms you should visit your health care provider. Source:

  4. Paulina Reply:

    You cannot "heal" scars without the help of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. The best you can do is use the over-the-counter brand of scar tissue fading cream called Mederma. I believe they also make their product in strips and spots tha… Source:

  5. Linda Reply:

    Chicken pox is a condition caused by an infection by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), one of the herpes viruses that affects humans. It’s a common childhood virus, although a person can become infected for the first time at any age. Helpin… Source:

  6. Veta Reply:

    How long does it take for 3 weeks ago. The spots didn’t really show up until the chicken pox to heal. ? I caught chicken pox about second week, and at first I thought it was

  7. Providencia Reply:

    You know you shouldnt be applying any lotion or cream on chicken pox blisters, not a good idea!They heal well on themselves, though leave scars but they also go in years time and rest left fade in another few months!Dont scratch them else they will leave dirty scars, best is to get your nails really trimmed!Also follow diet free of dairy, red meat or eggs, alcohol, has to have more fruits and vegetables and water! Occassionally you can eat chicken in moderation that too boiled or roasted!No fried food and no junk as well!No artificial sugar at all! It should be like as if you have given up eating pastries and cakes and cookies!Try lukewarm water with lemon in it everymorning on an empty stomach may be two to three glasses of lukewarm water and nothing should go inside your stomach for an hour after that!Also avoid overeating and chewing your food making it almost like paste before swallowing!Avoid very hot showers, water should be almost your body temperature!Exercise moderatly, running especially!This will clear those infection and toxic within your system in short time and heal you fast and leave a glowing complexion for you!

  8. Goldie Reply:

    The question "How long does it take for chicken pox to heal" is a bit like the string question (how long is a piece of string?). If you take anti-virals (internally – eat

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