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How long does it take for a burn on my finger to stop hurting?

Depending on the severity of the burn it may hurt for a couple days! The best way to treat it, place ice on it as long as you can stand it! If a blister forms-don’t pop it! Make sure the burn has Neosprine on it and wrapped well! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sophie Reply:

    These quick tips will help you rid your fingers of that irritation. Take a bottle of rubbing alcohol (can be purchased at any pharmacy or My hands have been on fire since 4:00 pm. ever felt the sting of hot peppers on your lips or in your mouth, you know the pain that. How to Stop the Burning After Cutting Hot Peppers Source:

  2. Gabriel Reply:

    i burnt my finger on a hair straightener and it wo… How to make the burn on my finger stop hurting? How long does it take for a burn to stop hurting?

  3. Yer Reply:

    Minor burns usually heal without further treatment. They may heal with pigment changes, meaning the healed area may be a ( etc Source:

  4. Selina Reply:

    You should use aloe Vera to sooth the pain from the burn. It is available at your local CVS, Walgreen, or Walmart. Feel better! Source:

  5. Melva Reply:

    Anyone who spends time in a kitchen or at an ironing board may eventually suffer from a steam burn. Regardless of the cause, the burn is extremely painful. Steam burns are typically classified as second-degree burns due to the redness, swel… Source:

  6. Iraida Reply:

    How do I stop my finger, but it was a couple of hours ago and it hurting? I burnt my knuckle on hurts, I washed it under cold the oven and it really water after I did it still

  7. Shawn Reply:

    2 weeks ,

  8. Tamiko Reply:

    It can take as long as a few hours, depending on the size of the area burned. The best thing to do is to take an oral pain med (aspirin, Tylenol, etc.), and keep the

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