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How to dry up poison ivy quick?

There are a number of OTC products to help dry up the oozing blisters, including: * aluminum acetate (Burrows solution), baking soda, Aveeno (oatmeal bath), aluminum hydroxide gel, calamine, kaolin, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, and zinc oxide! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shanna Reply:

    Treating Poison Oak or Poison Ivy With Listerine the blisters with a sterilized needle and then apply Listerine to dry up the blisters. Poison Ivy Quick Cures Source:

  2. Cleora Reply:

    Poison Ivy Remedies from the Earth Clinic library of cures. The itching will soon stop and the sores will begin to quickly dry up. I’ve had

  3. Yon Reply:

    You went for hike the other day. You had no idea that your leg brushed up against that dreadful plant "poison ivy". Now your paying for it. You have itchy blisters all over your calf. You couldn’t sleep with that awful feeling on your leg. … Source:

  4. Reina Reply:

    Put 1/4 c. of baking soda in a bowl with a lid. Stir in lemon juice until you form a paste the consistency of toothpaste. Use a Q-tip to apply the paste to the areas of the rash in a circular motion. Let dry. You may apply the paste up to 4… Source:

  5. Svetlana Reply:

    Poison ivy is one plant that everyone should try to avoid. Avoiding poison ivy isn’t always easy since the highly allergenic plant doesn’t have one consistent appearance, and can be easily mistaken for other plants. Poison ivy can grow low … Source:

  6. Monica Reply:

    quick poison ivy relief? whats a quick way to get rid of poison ivy?

  7. Brian Reply:

    Poison Ivy itch comes from the oily substance urushiol! You want to neutralize this! In most places where Poison Ivy (and often, Poison Oak) grows, a native plant Jewelweed also grows! This plant is mostly water, hollow-stemmed and easy to recognize!Grab a large stalk of Jewlweed and crumple it up, capturing the juices it releases and smooth this onto your affected skin! It quickly neutralizes the urushiol of the Poison Ivy!You can find Jewelweed in shady places, often next to rivers and ponds, and it is often found in the same places that Poison Ivy grows (but not always, as Poison Ivy can grow in well-drained sunny places that prohibit Jewelweed from thriving!)Jewelweed is also effective for insect bits, bee stings, warts, bruises, and ringworm and there are studies ongoing that seem to support these folkloric claims as well!

  8. Kathline Reply:

    Dab on poison ivy regularly. It stops the itching, and helps dry it up quickly and thus helps it clear up sooner than just waiting on it or using calamine lotion.

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