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Is it good to put toothpaste on a cold-sore?

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  1. Teresa Reply:

    It's a possibility that one got a cold sore by a relative that kissed them when they were Switching to a smaller more personal size tube of toothpaste is a good idea Think about how often you put your toothbrush on the end of the tooth and Source:

  2. Helen Reply:

    Cold Sore home remedy Cold sores and fever blisters home

  3. Britt Reply:

    Although it’s not likely for a baby to get a cold sore, it does happen. Knowing how to properly treat a cold sore will shorten the amount of time you and your baby have to deal with it. Source:

  4. Gregoria Reply:

    Any lip treatment ointment will help relieve a cold sore, but the best stuff it Abreva. The Abreva will help heal and protect it faster so you can get rid of that unwanted bump on your mouth. Source:

  5. Mica Reply:

    Using toothpaste with salt and applying it directly onto the cold sore has been known to dry it up and heal within 2-3 days. Source:

  6. Shelly Reply:

    Do you put abreva over the scab of a cold sore

  7. Dulcie Reply:

    Ok I get cold sores all the time and from my experience Abreva is defiantly the best thing, but its expensive, Otherwise the cheapest and weirdest thing ive ever used (that worked) was!!! this is gonna sound crazy, but nail polish remover and toothpaste! You put the toothpaste on it at night while you sleep, then when you get up you dab a little unscented nail polish remover on it and it will burn, but it dries it up pretty fast!

  8. Lou Reply:

    heal cold sores. Is toothpaste good for cold sores? Toothpaste won't do anything for cold sores. Put a teaspoon of salt in to one cup of warm waterthen get 1.

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