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Should you pop a burn blister?

You should not pop a blister received after a burn! The blister is like nature’s band-aid and is protecting the skin underneath! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Paulette Reply:

    Blisters are common injuries in the outdoors, but if these pop on their own and are Make sure you leave the roof of the blister attached so it can continue to You know that feeling — the irritation followed by the stinging burn of a fresh blister. Source:

  2. Julissa Reply:

    You should not pop a blister eceived after a burn. The blister is like nature’s band-aid and is protecting the skin underneath.

  3. Marya Reply:

    it takes 3 years <— 3 yrs? stfu it takes several weeks at least depending on whether or not you get an infection from popping the blister or just leave it alone until it pops and drains on its own which usually doesnt hurt by that time it… Source:

  4. Malinda Reply:

    Pawpaw cream and a bandaid Source:

  5. Antionette Reply:

    To treat a burn blister is to keep it free of bacteria so it will not become infected. They best thing to do is use an antibacterial ointment and wrap the blister lightly. Source:

  6. Danuta Reply:

    I have heard that I shouldn’t because I risk infection. How long before it goes away and is there something I can do?

  7. Shayna Reply:

    With a burn or if you get a blister from new shoes, its always best to not pop the blister! The fluid thats inside it will reabsorb! Dehydration is a serious problem with big burns, but even if thats no a concern, its best to let the liquid inside the blister reabsorb! If it pops on it own or if you bump it and it opens, then clean it thoroughly with soap and water and cover it! Since this particular blister seems to be hanging on, perhaps you can put a small pressure dressing on it! If you dont have much in the way of first aid, go to the pharmacy at a walmart or kmart! Buy a cling dressing thats the right size to cover the blister! If its the size of one that would come up on your heel, get 2 gauze! When you wrap it, put gentle pressure on the first few rounds you do! This will help with the fluid in your blister! I hope this helps take care of it!

  8. Saundra Reply:

    Should you pop your blister? no, never. What should one not do to blisters from a burn? Blisters should not be broken. Should you drain a burn blister? Yes, do it

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