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What do you do for fever blisters?

There are lots of options!!! There are a lot of ointments to try out to help treat them! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Deb Reply:

    However, there are many things you can do to treat fever blisters. All treatments will work best if you act early, so take action at the first sign of fever blisters. Source:

  2. Dixie Reply:

    I’d leave it alone, unless it hurts her. I currently have a sore on my tongue, and decided to try teething gel. It works! I also tried clove oil last night, it’s really potent and numbs really well. I hope your daughter feels better soon! S

  3. Tinisha Reply:

    Fever blisters (also known as oral herpes) are caused by a virus called herpes simplex. They are very contagious and the virus is spread most commonly by kissing. Source:

  4. Tajuana Reply:

    Most fever blisters can be cured by over the counter medications, such as Abreva. Your doctor can also prescribe medications such as Valtrex or Famvir. Even without the benefit of medication, cold sores usually clear up by themselves in 5-1… Source:

  5. Marylouise Reply:

    Fever blisters can come and go on their own and there are over the counter and home remedies that are available.Drinking water and consuming herbs such as goldenseal and echinacea are effective ways of treating fever blisters. To find more … Source:

  6. Destiny Reply:

    My 5 month old son came was viral got worse 3 days later seemed to be home from daycare 6 days the tip of his tongue ago with 3 bumps on took to doc said it getting better but

  7. Henriette Reply:

    Try Abreva for the fever blisters on your lips! It seems to help the most if you start using it as soon as you feel a blister coming on! Stay away from Carmex! That stuff just makes your lips worse! If you are getting lesions on the inside of your mouth, those are probably canker sores! Try Anbesol or some other oral gel containing Benzocaine which will temporarily numb the area! To prevent fever blisters from coming up as often, be sure to always use a balm containing sunscreen (I like Softlips), and stay away from a lot of caffeine! There is also a pill you can take called Herplex (you can buy it at Wal-Mart or any drug store) which is supposed to help shorten healing time and prevent outbreaks!

  8. Kelsey Reply:

    A fever blister is a virus that must run its course. You can go to the doctor and get Acyclovir, but it must be started almost immediately. Once you get a blister,

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