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What does it mean when you have a blister on your throat?

Some viruses, such as coxsackievirus, sometimes causes blisters in the throat, especially in the late summer and early fall Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ferne Reply:

    A canker sore is an open sore or wound that develops inside of your mouth, under your If you have a cold sore, this means that you're infected with the herpes Swelling of the upper or lower lips, tongue or throat. A blister is a collection of liquid beneath or within the epidermis that causes the skin to bubble and swell. Source:

  2. Coreen Reply:

    It is always wise to have your doctor checkout the bumps in your throat to make sure that Usually a blister appears because you have strep throat. This means that you should never assume that a few bumps is nothing to be concerned It does not matter when or how long you have suffered from bumps in the throat you

  3. Robin Reply:

    That would be Hand Foot Mouth, it is not deadly but is quiet painful. Make sure to TRUST Source:

  4. Maude Reply:

    I am trying to find out besides Herpes it seems taking too many antibiotics or taking them for too long a time can cause this reaction. Source:

  5. Tamala Reply:

    There are 23 medical causes of throat ulcers, including oral herpes, thrush, syphilis, chicken pox, and other infections. Source:

  6. Tomoko Reply:

    I have a blister in my can see it too. (it is on the part of throat!!!!? hi, for the last four days in my throat. i can see it in i have had this thing the mirror and my gf th

  7. Florentina Reply:

    sounds like a contemplation of aging and mortality!

  8. Odelia Reply:

    What does blisters on your toddler's feet when she has strep throat mean? Answer It! A blister under your feet means that you need new shoes :) You can get any staph infection by being exposed to the bacteria in any number of ways.

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