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What is the average time to have poison ivy?

A poison ivy rash will usually begin to appear 1 – 2 days after contact! The blisters and rash will begin to fade in about a week! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kyle Reply:

    None of you are helpful in the slightest. The only real answer you’ll find in at the top under the question. -appears in 2 days, should dissipate in a week-

  2. Arianna Reply:

    The itching and scratching of poison oak is caused by urushiol oil, excreted by both the oak and its cousins poison ivy and poison sumac. the itch and keep the redness and swelling from becoming a problem until they have time to heal. Source:

  3. Kristen Reply:

    Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac Information Center Only 1 nanogram (billionth of a gram) needed to cause rash; Average is 100 nanograms for most people; 1/4 ounce of urushiol is all I’ve been in poison ivy many times and never broken out.

  4. Candyce Reply:

    Poison Ivy has such wonderful symptoms, especially when it is where you can not reach it. The syptoms are puss filled blisters, that are patchy. Poison Ivy itches like crazy. Source:

  5. Stephen Reply:

    Poison Ivy is a plant that is well known for causing itching rashes when touched. If you ever had a rash caused by poison ivy, then you will agree that it is not fun at all. Some over the counter medicine creams such as Cortizone-10 will he… Source:

  6. Yasmin Reply:

    There is no sure fire way to cure poison ivy. the only thing you can do it apply anti itch cream and resist scratching the affected area so as not to spread the outbreak. Source:

  7. Kenia Reply:

    my friend has poison ivy and lotion stuff but it doesn he uses that poison ivy’t work. What else could he use?

  8. Glenna Reply:

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  9. Debbie Reply:

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