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What is the best thing to do for blisters?

Do not try to break the blister! Just leave it alone! Leave the blister uncovered unless something rubs against it! If you do cover it: Apply a loose bandage! Secure the bandage so the tape does not touch the blister! Do not wrap tape completely!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Grazyna Reply:

    The Best Way to Treat Burn Blisters on Fingertips. A burn blister anywhere on the body can be quite painful, especially on a fingertip. While you may want to try Source:

  2. Ryann Reply:

    Do not try to pop it! While the fluid in the blister is sealed from the inside there is no chance of infection. Sometimes blisters will reabsorb from the inside and sometimes not. If it is very uncomfortable and feels like it is ready to po

  3. Marvel Reply:

    Maybe a blood blister? If it is a blood blister you can either attempt to drain the blood with a sterilized needle (it’s painless so don’t worry) or you can leave it be and let it heal on it’s own, although I suggest draining it. Search for… Source:

  4. Margherita Reply:

    a sty Source:

  5. Kristie Reply:

    First, clean your blister by swiping a cotton ball doused with rubbing alcohol on and around the injured area. More? Source:

  6. Darlena Reply:

    what is the best thing to is the best thing to use on my herpes blisters for about six months now.? i have had genital herpes and i was wondering what put on the blisters. the

  7. Jenniffer Reply:

    I use Dr! Scholls for my shoes and it works for me!

  8. Katrina Reply:

    How do you treat sun blisters on lips? Get some ointment from a store..might i suggest walmart. What is the best weapon on thing thing? Probably the

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