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What is the first aid for blisters on toes?

If the blister is in an area where pressure is applied, such as on the bottom of your foot, protect it with a doughnut-shaped moleskin pad! Leave the area over the blister open! Do not wear the shoes or do the activity that caused a friction blister until the blister heals! Do not try to break the blister as this often leads to infection! back soon! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tien Reply:

    How to Treat a Blister on the Foot. Blisters most commonly occur on the feet and they can become very painful preventing you from running or walking. Blisters Source:

  2. Demetrius Reply:

    Ensure that there is ½ inch space between your longest toe and the end of in the foot care, and shoe care areas, if they are not located with first aid products.

  3. Coreen Reply:

    A thorough head-to-toe exam of an injured person will enable a rescuer to assess injuries that are not immediately apparent. Carry out this exam only after life-threatening injuries have been taken care of. Source:

  4. Glynis Reply:

    I tried everything from cortizone to neosporin and nothing worked. I finally put a bag of frozen vegies on my toes and it stopped instantly and soothed the blister. Ice would obviously help symptoms as well 😉 Source:

  5. Darlena Reply:

    Make sure your shoe fits correctly. Too much friction between the foot and shoe is often caused by shoes that are too big. You do not want shoes to be too small, but shoes that are even a half size too big can create some pretty nasty blist… Source:

  6. Dierdre Reply:

    Have no idea what causes this; clear mucous from nose and putting makeup on; fingers, tops of hands and nerve sometimes eyes in morning when ends in abdomen and arms/legs some

  7. Ariel Reply:

    If these blisters are appearing without any friction acting upon the foot, particularly considering how fast theyre reappearing, theyre likely a sign of a skin infection! I would see a doctor ASAP and try to get things cleared up!

  8. Ignacia Reply:

    What should you do about blisters on your toes before walking a lot the next day? In: First Aid categories] Can you answer these First Aid questions?

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