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What should you do after you pop a blister?

Clean the area with soap and water! Avoid peeling and cover the exposed blister with antibiotic ointment and a dry sterile gauze! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mitsuko Reply:

    Foot blisters can form whenever you have a hard or rough surface rubbing You should continue to apply the ointment once a day until the blisters subside. 2 If you do have to pop a blister in a bad location, such as next to a toe nail, swab it Source:

  2. Katie Reply:

    I have a blister. How do I take care of it? I’m going shoe Blisters happen when something rubs against or irritates your skin. You can get a blister on your hand from raking the lawn or rowing a boat. They also happen on your feet when your

  3. Doretta Reply:

    You should never pop a blister! The blister is there to protect the burnt layers of skin and help i recover! Source:

  4. Anisa Reply:

    For most cases, I would suggest leaving the blister alone. Sometimes, though, it becomes quite painful due to the buildup of fluid or blood beneath the hardened skin. If it becomes severely bothersome to the point you just cannot live with … Source:

  5. Neely Reply:

    1 Take a large thumb tack or pin and sterilize it by dropping it in a bottle of rubbing alcohol and shake for 30 seconds . 2 Clean the area around the blister with rubbing alcohol or Betadine . 3 Take the tack and create a small incision at… Source:

  6. Phebe Reply:

    I have heard that I shouldn’t because I risk infection. How long before it goes away and is there something I can do?

  7. Jolene Reply:

    Popping blisters makes it more raw! Dont pop it!

  8. Janise Reply:

    Unless you really need to pop it then pop it with a steroile needle carefully and then let it all drain out and put What should one not do to blisters from a burn?

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