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What will carmex do to a coldsore?

Carmex can alleviate the symptoms, create a pleasant sensation to the skin but none of its ingredients particularly target cold sores! It is therefore more a pain killer and moisturizer than a treatment for cold sores and fever blisters! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Tish Reply:

    Carmex doesn't claim to be the cure for cold sores, because cold sores can flare- up The crust forms when the sore begins to heal; removing it accidentally will Source:

  2. Denita Reply:

    This will save 35 tons of plastic from being wasted and from being shipped so less fuel will be used. What are the not-so-secret ingredients, and what do they do? the discomfort of dry, chapped lips and the pain associated with cold sores .

  3. Annabel Reply:

    Further information might be found on the talk page or at requests for expansion. (April 2007) Carmex is a topical lip balm which claims to reduce cold sores and dry chapped lips, supplied in a characteristic white container with a yellow c… Source:

  4. Willette Reply:

    CARMEX LIP BALM LOVERS!!! UNIITEEE!!!! (Click here if you love carmex)? OKAY! i cannot rave enough about this product. love love love! anyhoo … im sure all you CARMEX love

  5. Inocencia Reply:

    the best and fastest over the counter medicine is Abrevia it is sold at drugstores, walmart etc! and cost about $17 and is in a tiny tube!

  6. Malisa Reply:

    Can you use carmex to clear the cold sore? Improve Altabax is an antibacterial, not an antiviral medication; so it will not help a cold sore. How do you use

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