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Why do blisters hurt?

Because it is like an open wound! When tender nerve endings are exposed, it causes pain and infection! 4 now! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ronald Reply:

    Blisters have a number of causes, such as tight or ill fitting shoes, burns and allergies. Not only do blisters hurt for How to Heal Fever Blister. Fever Blisters are Source:

  2. Lourie Reply:

    It would probably hurt like hell popping blisters the size of coins. How ever, even the largest bandaid probably won’t relieve any of your pain so, if I were you, I’d

  3. Ginny Reply:

    Depending on the size of the blister and where it is, a burn blister can hurt quite a lot. It tends to get more painful once the blister breaks and the raw skin is exposed to the air. This is especially true if the blister is someplace wher… Source:

  4. Laquanda Reply:

    It is better to leave it alone, but wash your hands, clean the blister area, pop it with a needle cleansed with alcohol. It will prevent any infection if you do it the right way. Source:

  5. Dedra Reply:

    First if your blister has not yet drained is get a moleskin pad and cut a hole in the center for the blister. This will help protect the skin on the blister so it can heal quicker. Next if you decide to drain it or if it breaks on its own m… Source:

  6. Eleanora Reply:

    Anyone know how to help blisters heal or not hurt? i have blisters all over hardly walk on them and my feet and I can I have been wear flip flops so they don’t hurt as much S

  7. Sharee Reply:

    an open blister?? Because the salt is hitting raw skin, much like an open cut!

  8. Christa Reply:

    Do blisters hurt? yes but more so when the burst. Will it hurt to pop a sunburn blister? Even the thought of it hurts. I wouldn't do that. If you have a blister caused

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