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Can a hole in your heart be caused by stress?

A hole in your heart a type of simple congenital heart defect – a problem with the heart’s structure that is present at birth! Congenital heart defects change the normal flow of blood through the heart! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Daniel Reply:

    tachycardia, or congenital issues like a hole in heart can also cause racing heart symptoms. Caffeine and cold medicines can cause a racing heart. in the chest, a suddenly high heart rate can make you feel as if your heart is galloping. A racing heart can occur from physical exertion, stress, sickness, menopause, Detail:

  2. Slyvia Reply:

    Oct 19, 2006 For example, some holes in the heart can be closed with special There is no single cause of congenital heart disease. pregnant and already has stress on her heart from her disease? You should not smoke, and should eat a low fat diet, exercise regularly, and take aspirin if your doctor recommends it

  3. Marsha Reply:

    Changes The human body was created to manage stress by gearing up for a "fight or flight" response to danger. When threats seem imminent, the body prepares to protect itself by secreting adrenaline, which increases the heartbeat and blood p… More:

  4. Sharolyn Reply:

    Stress and Heart Disease Since the late 1950s, stress has been scientifically linked to heart disease. It makes logical sense that stress, which causes the heart rate and blood pressure to rise, would in large quantities and over a period o… More:

  5. Ellie Reply:

    In order to avoid heart disease, a person must carefully monitor the amount of stress he/she puts on the body. Heart stress can occur from both physical and psychological conditions. If you expose your heart to multiple stressors, you incre… More:

  6. Erika Reply:

    Is there a condition called “Taco Pseudo Syndrome”? I understand it is very rare and caused by stress. Thank-you!

  7. Deedee Reply:

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  8. Carline Reply:

    A hole in your heart is most often caused when the heart is formed inside the fetus Its called a heart worm you can have your dog tested if negative start it on heart Click to Play How a Stress and Fried Food can Cause Heart Attacks · Play

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