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Can being sad make you actually sick?

Yes, whenever you talk about the body’s response to stress, it is best to start with the HPA axis! That’s hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, or master glands of stress and how they rule the body and the world! The body shunts blood away from the digestive system and to our heart and large muscles! Have a blessed day ahead! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Tonda Reply:

    Being sick naturally makes you want to sleep more, but once you understand the reasons for your fatigue, you Being sick usually means that you don't feel like eating, or can only eat small amounts at a time. Sadly, a cat can be sick one. Detail:

  2. Minda Reply:

    Feb 24, 2010 Denying Your Emotions Can Make You Sick What if actually you really feel scared, angry, sad, disappointed, hurt? It’s not socially acceptable to spend too much time being angry or bitter, or moping around being

  3. Maritza Reply:

    I was surprised, shocked, and saddened because we all knew that Farrah Fawcett was going to die because we expected it because of her cancer but MJ’s death later in the day just took me by surprise because it was too soon and just so sudden… More:

  4. Sherita Reply:

    imo — There is no "sure-fire" Answer, Darth. I have similar issues and have been on & off various medicines. — sometimes they work, and then they stop working. I would normally recommend the Chemical route, but it truly is a "crap shoot" … More:

  5. Fernanda Reply:

    You differentiate pregnancy nausea from non-pregnancy nausea by taking a pregnancy test. And if it comes out negative your "not" pregnant. More:'t_you

  6. Natividad Reply:

    Dog owners, does it make you sad when your pet is sick after we took her to or hurting? I balled my eyes out get spayed, she felt so crappy, you could tell because her little

  7. Thuy Reply:

    Obviously anything that can affect the brain can affect what the brain controls–which is pretty much anything that goes on in your body! Depression has been shown to alter brain activity; loss of appetite is a common symptom! Obviously, sudden drastic changes to your diet can cause further health complications! Moreover, inability to sleep in another common symptom which can have a devastating affect on the brain and body! A weakened immune system is a typical health complication that can arise from inadequate sleep!Typically, stories of dying from a broken heart are of elderly couples! It is not uncommon for an elderly person to pass on within a few months of their spouses passing! While there are usually plausible medical explanations, it is not difficult to see how going through depression could be devastating to an elderly persons body which may have already been under heavy stress which is why some say that they died of heart break!So, to answer your question, while death from heart break would be highly unlikely for anyone who is otherwise in good health, it is possible given the right circumstance or genetic predisposition! Also, there are many serious health complications that can arise from someone suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, or any combination thereof which will require medical attention long before death but that does not make them any less serious,

  8. Kathryn Reply:

    Make sure you drink lots otherwise your not exactly going to survive very long. of actually becoming anorexic and not just out of pure curiosity, you are SICK and .. I didn't believe her, so I continued being depressed and eating less and less

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