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Can energy drinks or 5 hour energy raise your blood pressure?

Yes, downing an energy drink may boost blood pressure as well as energy, researchers said in a small study presented at the American Heart Association; this includes the 5-Hour Energy Drink! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Annita Reply:

    How to Drink a 5 Hour Energy Drink. Everyone can use some extra energy from time to time. Some extra energy can help motivate you to work out. Certain medicines, such as blood pressure medication and antibiotics, can make you feel tired and fatigued An inefficient roof can raise your utility bill in a couple of ways. Detail:

  2. Marybeth Reply:

    Bonus Question. Similar questions: Hour Energy drink side effects . coffee 1 not 10. It can also raise your blood pressure to a dangerous level. so be careful.

  3. Annabel Reply:

    theres no clear evidence whether energy drinks or sodas raise blood pressure. although an energy drink contains about 80mg of caffeine that might raise blood pressure it is not enough to do so as even up to 300mg may just be fine for the bo… More:

  4. Yer Reply:

    May be the one you take raises your blood pressure but the one i taake is really the best.This is the website you can get information on energy drinks.I take this energy drink when i am at work ,it is fabulous! My friend told me about this … More:

  5. Malorie Reply:

    Has anyone developed an increased blood energy drinks? I have been regularly drinking several weeks. For the past two we energy shots for the past pressure from regular use of

  6. Golden Reply:

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  7. Francesca Reply:

    Answer it! How is 5-hour energy drink bad for you? How do energy drinks affect your blood pressure? they make Can blood pressure affect blood sugar?

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