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Can stress cause a nosebleed?

Severe stress can cause a nosebleed! Other causes include including trauma, fracture, altitude, severe stress, weakness of blood vessel, and nasal dryness or allergies! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Thi Reply:

    But one cause of nosebleeds that is often overlooked is stress. Excessive amounts of stress that are not addressed can lead to physical manifestations. Detail:

  2. Tiffanie Reply:

    Nosebleeds can be a hassle especially when you don’t know the cause of it. They can be caused by stress, medical conditions and sticking objects up the nose. You can find more information here:

  3. Catrice Reply:

    There’s many things that can cause a nose bleed. High altitude, dry air, exposure to asbestos, high blood pressure, drug abuse, hormone fluctuations, or some more serious health problems. More:

  4. Lise Reply:

    There are several causes for nosebleeds in children. Dry air can cause nosebleeds. Uncontrolled allergies, bleeding disorders, and nose-picking can also cause nosebleeds. More:

  5. Sophie Reply:

    Nosebleeds in adults can be caused by trauma, blood-thinning medicines, nose picking, or even something more serious. Sometimes the causes are just unknown. You can find more information here:… More:

  6. Malika Reply:

    I’m 69. I’d a heavy nosebleed. It’s settled now. What should I do to avoid having nosebleed again ?

  7. Nevada Reply:

    Definitely possible! Noses can bleed for very simple reasons and their are a lot of causes like the air being to dry or if you give it a slight bump on something or allergies and even pregnancy! Probably not caused by stress though! If it continues to occur somethings is probably up that you should look into, otherwise its no big deal! Check out my source website if youre interested! Good luck

  8. Esmeralda Reply:

    Answer: Improve. Yes. Stress can lead to high blood pressure which in turn can cause small blood vessels to rupturing. This can be a cause of nosebleeds.

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