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Can you get high off of Clonidine?

No, you cannot get high off of Clonidine! Clonidine lowers blood pressure by decreasing the levels of certain chemicals in your blood! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leoma Reply:

    In this last stage of the battle against addiction, you can detoxify from Suboxone by A person cannot get "high" on Suboxone, so there is less likelihood that he will try to inject or "snort" it. There are some drugs like clonidine that can help reduce the withdrawal symptoms; How to Detox Yourself Off of Suboxone Detail:

  2. Maile Reply:

    Can you get high on clonidine? Yes if u take 3-5 pills you can blackout. Off and on vibration off and on at high speed? If You Have Problems With It And Still

  3. Su Reply:

    You would have to eat 4-8 teaspoons of the pungent nutmeg to get any possible sensation of being high. Myristicin is the substance in nutmeg which can cause mild hallucinations. It does not have an immediate effect; it may take up to 6 hour… More:

  4. Marielle Reply:

    You should not even try to get very high off weed, because it ids illegal, and you will most likely act dumb. Weed is a downer drug, and does nothing good. More:

  5. Geneva Reply:

    People have discovered that many household items, especially cleaning products, can induce a feeling of being high. Most highs from household items are achieved by huffing, or inhaling, the products. It is very dangerous and can cause serio… More:

  6. Lani Reply:

    Has anyone used the Clonidine Transdermal Patch for high blood pressure? Directions say doesn’t work for 2-3 days…do you take oral Clonidine for that 2-3 days? Did you have

  7. Marcene Reply:

    I urge you to contact your doctor about stopping the Clonidine! Please, Capricorn, dont suddenly stop this medicine without working with your doctor! Do not stop taking this medication suddenly without first talking to your doctor! Stopping this medication suddenly can cause nervousness, agitation, headache, tremors, severe high blood pressure, or life-threatening symptoms! Talk with your doctor about how to avoid withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking clonidine!RxListhttp://www!rxlist!com/catapres-drug-patient!htmYour frustration is coming through loud and clear, I am so sorry, hang in there, you can work through this with your doctor! You can be safely weaned off the Clonidine, but it is important that this is done in a way that reduces the risk of your blood pressure shooting up sky high, and reduces the risk of other side effects of coming off Clonidine!There are reports of rapid weight gain for people taking Clonidine, but it is not the most frequent side-effect! This is one of those times when you need to advocate for yourself with your doctor! Ask your pharmacist to help you find and print out information about Clonidine and weight gain! If you do internet searches, then be sure you are using reliable sources, Im posting a couple of links for you! Take this information to your doctor, and remind your doctor that weight gain isnt great for people with high blood pressure! Clonidine does not cause weight gain for everyone who takes it, but it does seem to cause increased appetite, lower metabolism, and other things that lead to rapid weight gain in some people! The weight gain from Clonidine can be delayed, which fits with what you are describing! Something for you to keep in mind is that the side effects from Clonidine could be related to the dosage, the amount of the medicine! So, your doctor might suggest a lower dose, and that could be all it takes for your urge to eat and cravings to go away! Be prepared for a bit of work to get the weight back off! I know it is hard, my heart goes out to you!

  8. Rochell Reply:

    Can you get high on clonidine? Yes if u take 3-5 pills you can blackout. Off and on vibration off and on at high speed? If You Have Problems With It And Still

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