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Can you have too many cough drops?

Some medicines may interact with cough drops! Do not take cough drops if you have severe high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gyno Reply:

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  2. Jayne Reply:

    Be careful though, too many cough drops can make your mouth and throat feel dry and pained. Use caution. 5. If you have been coughing, and cough drops and Detail:

  3. Ginger Reply:

    Yes, too many cough drops can cause a laxative effect. Although four cough drops are not that many, so maybe it’s just because you are sick. Source(s): It’s printed on my bag of cough drops.

  4. Erline Reply:

    Use cough suppressants wisely. Don’t suppress a productive cough too much, unless it is keeping you from getting enough rest.More? More:

  5. Caprice Reply:

    Add the teabag or the loose herbs to boiling water. Choose herbs like peppermint leaves, horehound, thyme, slippery elm, fennel, marshmallow, ginger, mullein and spearmint. Set a small plate over the cup and let the herbs steep for at least… More:

  6. Robbin Reply:

    When you’re suffering through the foggy-headed, sore-throated misery of a cold, the origin of the cough drop in your mouth is probably the last thing on your mind. Though cough drops have evolved into a popular item on the cold and flu mark… More:

  7. Dorathy Reply:

    When I was 7 weeks pregnant took cough drops the lemon honey kind and I just I got a cold so a week…Can cough drops harm the baby I took cough drops for? I was so sick and r

  8. Jalisa Reply:

    Not really, theyd have a warning if there were a limit! And its not really like a medicine or anything, its only numbing kind of!I like to eat the yummy ones sometimes, when there is no other candy in the house!

  9. Season Reply:

    Does eating too many cough drops make you sick? Yes, cough drops can make you sick. They make you sick because they have some sugar and sweets in the

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