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How do I know when my liver might be damaged?

To be safe with anything like that you must go see a doctor as soon as you can, but a for sure sign of liver damage would be blood in your urine! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Stacy Reply:

    Finally, if you have liver problems, you may need extra amounts of certain vitamins and minerals as recommended by your doctor. A damaged liver cannot Detail:

  2. Bok Reply:

    Aug 21, 2008 my dad drinks a ton and i was just wondering what … How do you know you have liver damage from drinking too much? my dad drinks a ton and i was just Symptoms of cirrhosis and its complications may include:

  3. Augustina Reply:

    Liver damage is when a person gets problems with their liver and parts of the liver are not working. Most of the time it is caused by a person abusing their body. More:

  4. Leatrice Reply:

    Some of the early signs of liver damage include being very tired and occasional itching. As liver diseases progresses, you may experience yellowing of the eyes and skin, mental confusion, bleeding from the GI tract, and dark urine. More:

  5. Santana Reply:

    Some of the symptoms of a damaged liver may include high fevers, sweats and chills, an enlarged, painful, tender liver, loss of weight, and jaundice. More:

  6. Melina Reply:

    How much have i damaged my don’t drink unless it’s at a special family occasion liver? im nearly 14 and i even then it’s with a meal. please do not suggest mental disorders or

  7. Yoshiko Reply:

    I doubt you have liver damage, but it could be possible! How long since the last pill?? Alot of ecstacy pills arent pure and can cause unwanted side effects! I was on amphetamines for two years straight everyday and it messed up my brain eventually, but not my liver! And 60 pills over that span of time shouldnt do it! Id lay off the pills dear, and wait 4-5 days! If you feel bad after 4 days or you are getting worse goto the doc! Otherwise you were probly freaking out on a slight od! Btw that stuff is absolutely terrible for you!

  8. Chantay Reply:

    How do you know whether you have damaged your liver? Please go to your Doctor You may already have an account. Click here to connect

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