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How do i make my eyes less red?

Chill! Applying a cold compress to your eyes for 30 minutes will shrink your swollen blood vessels, says Dr! Sumers! "Wrap!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Milissa Reply:

    However, natural medicines can soothe your red eyes without any unwanted side effects. eyelids with warm water each night before bed and you will soon notice less red eye in the morning. How to Make the Whites of Your Eyes White How to Reduce Blood Shot Eyes · Why Would My Contacts Give Me Red Eye? Detail:

  2. Chasity Reply:

    I have also heard good things about Rohto V. There are also different kinds of eye bleaches you can use (like eye drops, NOT regular bleach) and whiteners, they just might cost you a little bit more. As for the tv and computer thing, I woul

  3. Jeannie Reply:

    Enlarged blood vessels are the redness you see in eyes. This can be from irritation from allergies or smoke. Some drugs or medications can bring on red eyes too. More:

  4. Augusta Reply:

    Red eye is when there is redness in a person’s eye that is caused when blood vessels close to the surface of the eye become enlarged and dilated. More:

  5. Sunshine Reply:

    A red eye can be a sign of several problems or irritations. It could be the start of pink eye a virus in the eye that can itch really bad or even be painful. Pink eye is very contagious. A red eye could be the signs of an eye infection some… More:

  6. Twana Reply:

    My eyes are, suddenly, very dry and red, but not itchy. Eye drops make my eyes water too much.Alternatives? Apparently you can get spray-on eye “drops’? Are there pills one ca

  7. Tawana Reply:

    Wash it in water ! Take off of your contacts , and put barely warm water , and cup the water in your hands and put your eye in it and move it around ! Your eyes are probably irritating becasuse of the contacts , happens to me all the time , I just wash my eye and tada it feels better ! c:

  8. Latina Reply:

    Actually, the reason your eyes turn red (or get redder than normal) after you smoke, eat, Ergo, blood flow is less impeded and the heart is pumping more and harder than usual. In turn Why didnt my eyes turn red when you smoked weed?

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