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How do people get seizures?

Conditions that can cause seizures include high fever, brain infections, high or low levels of sugar or sodium in the blood! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Theodora Reply:

    Why Do People Have Seizures?. Seizures can be caused by several factors. Whether you have had seizures from birth, or they started later in life, the cause will Detail:

  2. Creola Reply:

    i get seizures myself and well people get them by playing like a viedo game for a long time or you don’t eat right that’s how i get them

  3. Luba Reply:

    Many people that suffer from seizures have different triggers as it ranges from one person to the next and not all triggers are the same. It could be as simple as brushing your teeth or exercising. In order to know the triggers of your seiz… More:

  4. Consuelo Reply:

    A Zeizure is a result of a strong electrical surge in the brain. It is also know as a form of epilipsy. If someone is having a seizure please seek medical help immediately. More:

  5. Nellie Reply:

    Seizures are sudden change in behavior due to temporary alterations in brain functions .The symptoms are sudden shakes in the body, consciousness loss, sparkling of flashes etc. Recurrent seizures is termed as epilepsy. More:

  6. Alethia Reply:

    PETIT mal seizures (absence seizures) or simple partial seizures? What does it feel like to go through one? I work as a dealer at a casino and every time I’m on the floor with

  7. Margret Reply:

    Most seizures are self-limiting and stop by themselves after various periods of time! However, a person having a seizure may be injured; breathe food, fluid, or vomit into the lungs; or not get enough oxygen! During a seizure, it is important to protect the person from injury! Turn the person on his or her side, so that any vomit is expelled! See seizure first aid!After a convulsion, most people go into a deep sleep! Dont prevent the person from sleeping! He or she will probably be disoriented, or possibly agitated for awhile after awakening!Stay with the person until recovery or until you have professional medical help! Meanwhile, monitor their pulse, rate of breathing, and blood pressure!DO NOT restrain the person! DO NOT place anything between the persons teeth during a seizure (including your fingers)! DO NOT move the person unless he or she is in danger or near something hazardous! DO NOT try to make the person stop convulsing! He or she cant control the seizure and is not aware of what is happening at the time! DO NOT give the person anything by mouth until the convulsions have stopped and the person is fully awake and alert! Some patients with epilepsy may have a vagal nerve stimulator implanted in their chest! In these persons, a seizure can be halted by activating the device! Other patients may have been prescribed medication to administer rectally during a seizure! Never try to administer anything (even medications) by mouth! it is a scary thing just dont lose it when this happens that is the best thing I can tell you i HAVE also had an experience where I had an allergic reaction to a medication (just the other night) and a fever(106) But I am ok otherwise!

  8. Mabelle Reply:

    Can people have seizures from anxiety? Anxiety more commonly gives rise to seizure-like activity called pseudoseizures (without the incontinence or post-ictal

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