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How do you get rid of sore muscles the day after working out?

Treatment ibruphopen You can reduce some of the discomfort by stretching the sore muscles often to keep them from tightening up along with participating in light cardiovascular training to get the blood and lymphatic systems moving (to assist flushing Any Suggestions here?


  1. Keitha Reply:

    If you are reading this, odds are you don't like muscle soreness after your workouts. The physical stress of strenuous exercise can cause your muscles to feel sore a day or two after a workout. How to Get Rid of Soreness After My Workout Detail:

  2. Dorethea Reply:

    Oct 5, 2006 Needless to say it’s really hard exercising when you’re sore, so could anyone give me some tips on how to sooth the sore muscles, especially in the legs, so I can get up and exercise I didn’t feel sore the next day at all.

  3. Willa Reply:

    Once you deplete the available energy reserves of a muscle it starts feeding on itself, burning protein instead of sugar. When you do that, the muscle starts to produce lactic acid as a product of converting protein to energy. The lactic ac… More:

  4. Sandi Reply:

    When you work out, your muscles are getting stretched out. As they stretch out, they get microscopic tears in them(OMG!!!) :O But don’t worry, that’s a good thing. these tears cause soreness. if you want to get rid of soreness, eat plenty o… More:

  5. Jolie Reply:

    take a bath with radox. You just have to live with it until your body heals. A pain reliever may help for a bit, stretching will most probably prolong the soreness- depending on the damage- The cure——-Recovery Time. Relax a bit, your bo… More:

  6. Cynthia Reply:

    How do I loosen my tight 3 or 4 days out sore muscles the next day the day before? I have this dilemma where after working out and sparring I work out vigorously for of the we

  7. Bertie Reply:

    Hey there,What youre experiencing right now is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS for short! Its a well known problem with exercising, especially amongst people who are new to working out! Exactly how it happens is likely to be a combination of the individual muscle fibers being stretched and torn (which is a normal and healthy part of any exercise) and insufficient blood supply to the muscles! The damaged muscle repairs itself and grows new blood vessels in response to the exercise, becoming more efficient and better able to cope with the stresses imposed by your new exercise regime!The good news is that, if you stick to your schedule, you will eventually overcome this problem! For me personally, it took about 2 weeks! To help you along the way, there are a number of creams and balms that can help take your mind off it! My personal favourite is Tiger Balm: http://www!tigerbalm!com/sg , which is a menthol balm you can rub on the affected area! It produces a relaxing, cool sensation! Also of use is Deep Heat or an equivalent! If the pain is particularly bad and youre determined to push through, you should consider taking an NSAID like aspirin!One last thing: stretching and warming up before an exercise is very important and will help minimise this type of soreness! Some people find that stretching the affected, painful muscles can help as well!Best of luck with your workouts!

  8. Numbers Reply:

    How do you get rid of sore muscles from gym work? Answer It! No. You have to skip a day. Can you still work out if your muscles are sore? No, you Type the username or email address you used when you signed up on

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