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How does stress affect your kidneys?

Over time stress of overwork causes the kidneys to lose their filtering ability! Waste products then start to build up in the blood and the kidneys may eventually fail! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Janis Reply:

    Stress can make life emotionally challenging, but it can also affect your body's glands are two small glands that are attached to the top of both of your kidneys. Detail:

  2. Coralie Reply:

    Stress management is a key factor in maintaining healthy kidneys and organs. Prolonged stress can affect the body in a number of ways. and your body cannot cope with the stress, you may suffer form short term effects such as headaches

  3. Shawnee Reply:

    Stress is not good for your body at any point, especially when pregnant. It can lower your immune system, raise blood pressure and do a variety of other problems. Try relaxation techniques like yoga, breathing, or taking a warm bath. More:

  4. Charles Reply:

    Stress can affect the heart and if the stress is over a long period of time can cause a heart attack. Stress causes anxiety which makes the heart pump faster and can be unhealthy. More:

  5. Maurine Reply:

    Alcohol affects the kidneys by killing off the cells and making it go into failure. You can shut down your kidneys and you’ll need a transplant in order to stay alive and off of dialysis. More:

  6. Miki Reply:

    in your opinion: stress, kidneys, or gallbladder? help!? i haven’t been to the doctor yet, but i would appreciate any info: for the past three weeks i’ve been falling ill ever

  7. Ella Reply:

    Urinary Track Infection (UTI), it painful when voiding!Blood in Urine, is not a good sign needs to be treated immediately!!!that means your kidneys are being damaged!!!you need to go see your doc! A!S!A!P! Your previous kidney infection, may not have been cured completely! Your fever is also an indication of infection!!!You need to go to emergency!!!you need to been seen not wait for answers on this site!!!

  8. Jovita Reply:

    Can creatine damage your liver or kidneys? Improve. In: Liver your kidneys and liver. Over lots of time this stress can build up and cause serious damage.

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