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How does toothpaste get rid of a hickey?

Toothpaste helps dry the hickey out and expel the trapped blood from the upper layer of skin! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Molly Reply:

    They can be anywhere on the body, but usually, and most noticeably, occur on the Health Services, the only proven way to get rid of a hickey is to give it time. to Health Expert, another trick for hickey relief is to apply toothpaste Detail:

  2. Aida Reply:

    Nothing works you just have to wait and wear a roll neck

  3. Yong Reply:

    Try applying ice immediately after you notice a hickey. The longer you leave it on the hickey, the more effective. Also, gently massage the area with the end of a hairbrush. This should disperse the blood, causing the hickey to fade. More:

  4. Chante Reply:

    Hickey removal remedies involving toothpaste mention peppermint toothpaste. A brand name is not provided. More:

  5. Aleshia Reply:

    Hickey’s fade away naturally over time. If you are looking to conceal a hickey you might want to try to use a beauty product called foundation. Dab the foundation on the spot of the skin where the hickey is to conceal it. More:

  6. Denice Reply:

    My friends dared me to give needed a xray becuase it my self a hickey. So I did on my it!) and now my mom called wrist(dont ask why i just did the doctor and said i looks brok

  7. Christena Reply:

    Nothing works you just have to wait and wear a roll neck

  8. Noreen Reply:

    How so you get rid of a hickey over night if its on your vagina? you can go 2 the doctor and get some cream, or put tons of toothpaste on them. toothpaste

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