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How long do you have to wait after you get a tattoo to give blood?

It depends on the state and the donation center, but most of them are 12 months! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lenora Reply:

    There is no upper age limit on who can give blood. Give blood if you have had piercings or electrolysis as long as the tools used on you were sterile or single- use. 5. Wait at least 12 months after being tattooed to be eligible to give blood, if you got the It is best not to give blood for at least a year after you get a tattoo from Detail:

  2. Arnita Reply:

    To donate blood you must wait 12 months after a tattoo if it was applied in a state that does not regulate tattoo facilities.

  3. Corie Reply:

    Wait till you are done with the breast feeding stage then you are good to go. More:

  4. Maricela Reply:

    When you get a tattoo, you are at risk for viral hepatitis which is why you cannot give blood. More:

  5. Nancie Reply:

    1 year More:

  6. Dottie Reply:

    How long must I wait to months ago and I’m intending to attend a blood donate blood after I’ve gotten a tattoo? I my latest tattoo 5 drive next month. Is it safe for me to don

  7. Taneka Reply:

    While the referenced site is correct concerning the application of a tattoo at licensed/unlicensed facilities, there is debate concerning piercing! FDA guidelines allow volunteer blood donation following piercing if performed using single-use gun type equipment! If reusable equipment, such as a trochar or needle are used, a one-year deferral is required, unless performed by a physician (MD) in a physicians office! Contact your local blood center for specific guidelines!

  8. Cammie Reply:

    How long after getting a tattoo can you donate plasma? Can you swim after getting a tattoo and how long to wait? Why do we need your email address?

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