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How much blood do you loose when your on your period?

I know it is hard to believe, but you only lose 3 tablespoons of blood each period! Menstrual fluid etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sharyl Reply:

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  2. Alleen Reply:

    It tend to be from around four tablespoons to as much as a cup. If you’re bleeding more than that, you may want to seed a Doctor.

  3. Cammie Reply:

    When your period blood is dark, it means it’s old and has been inside your uterus for a few days. It could mean other complications are arising and you should see your doctor if it continues over several periods. You can find more informati… More:

  4. Kortney Reply:

    Brown period blood is actually very normal and there is nothing that causes it because it just happens. When your body has a period it is cleaning itself out. Your body only does this every 28 days so the brown period blood that you see is … More:

  5. Jerica Reply:

    Brown blood is just not as fresh as bright red blood. The newer it is from leaving the body the more red it is. Older blood has just gotten more oxygen that red blood. More:

  6. Raylene Reply:

    Girlfriend – brown/black period blood, did not bleed heavily, short period? My girlfriend starts her period, but almost always the 15th between the 15th and 20th. She started

  7. Delana Reply:

    Not much! But it differs with each woman! Maybe 1/2 cup of blood during each period–max! If you think you are losing more than that, then see your gynecologist! But dont be concerned that the normal blood loss is going to make you sick or anemic! You make new blood ALL the time! Your body doesnt miss it!

  8. Keely Reply:

    Extreme bleeding during your period is considered as heavy bleeding that requires the Woman to change her sanitary towel How much blood do you lose

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