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How often can you donate platelets?

You must wait at least 72 hours after donating platelets before donating whole blood! on 24/7!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sang Reply:

    How Often Can You Donate Plasma?. Donated plasma can be used for many things, including transfusions for other patients and medication manufacturing. Detail:

  2. Emilee Reply:

    Donating platelets and plasma is easier on your body than donating whole blood because they give you back your red and white blood cells. You can donate whole blood every 8 weeks, plasma about every 28 days, platelets every 2 to 3 days but

  3. Shizue Reply:

    Depending on your platelet count, Apheresis donors can donate up to once every two weeks. However there are restrictions! More:

  4. Donnetta Reply:

    Blood donors are always needed, especially in times of national crisis. Apheresis is a special kind of donation in which platelets, the blood cells that collect at an injury site and help stop bleeding, are collected. Platelets are essentia… More:

  5. Jacqualine Reply:

    Platelets are the part of your blood that help control bleeding. Patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, surgery or chemotherapy rely on platelet donations to help them recover. If you want to give back to your community or help a fami… More:

  6. Angelique Reply:

    how do you donate platelets? What is the process? is it safe? We have a sick family friend who requires platelets, we were explained that the process consists on drawing blood

  7. Gaynelle Reply:

    You can usually give blood every 3 months, donating 1 pint at a time!For donating platelets, it is every 3 days up to 24 times a year!The best thing to do is call your local blood center and find out which option(s) are best for you!You are to be commended for donating blood, it is always is short supply!http://www!donatingplasma!org/www!givelife2!orgwww!americasblood!org

  8. Stella Reply:

    How often in a week can you donate blood? Giving whole blood, you have to wait 56 days between your donations. If you donate plasma, you may donate every

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