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How to heal a bruise?

Use Vick’s Vapor Rub or any other medicated rub to remove the swelling, reduce the inflammation and help increase blood (MORE??) Any Suggestions here?


  1. Barrie Reply:

    How to Heal a Bruise. Bruises are part of life. They arise from trauma to part of the body that is enough to break small blood vessels. The blood escapes into the Detail:

  2. Demetrius Reply:

    Bruised ribs is a term that refers to an injury in the muscles around the ribs rather than an injury to the actual ribs themselves. Bruised ribs are severely painful, but they can heal on their own as long as you see a doctor first. Your do… More:

  3. Valrie Reply:

    Bone bruises are more serious than other types of bruise injuries. Bone bruises, often called "contusions," involve tiny tears in the cortex, or exterior sheath, of the bone. If enough of these fibers break, you will develop a stress fractu… More:

  4. Aracely Reply:

    When a bruise won’t heal, it could mean that the damage is extensive beneath the skin. Another reason for slow-healing bruises can be an iron deficiency (such as anemia). More:

  5. Venus Reply:

    Can you heal a bruise quicker knee. I was wondering if i than letting it heal its have a bruise right on self? Its football season and i the inside of my right can make it go

  6. Ethelyn Reply:

    Bruises arent usually pink! Brown, yellow, green, blue, gray, purple, yes! Red-brown even! But pink?? I have never seen a pink bruise in my life!It sounds to me more like youve got an under-the-skin pimple! Those tend to be very sore and cause the surrounding area to be pink or red! Sadly, theres not much you can do about it but wait it out! Ice might help, but the usual pimple treatments such as using aspirin paste to dry them out, dont work when there isnt a head to put the paste on!

  7. Mikki Reply:

    If you leave it alone it should heal on it's own. Also, icing the bruise will help keep swelling down. Take pain relievers to ease pain.

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