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If you drink your own blood does it go back in your blood stream?

It would be digested as normal, however the nutrients from the blood would go back into your bloodstream! Any Suggestions here?


  1. oryssa Reply:

    Also its a rare chance that you will (if your a male) grow a vagina and (if your a female) grow a penis… so choose wisely.


  2. oryssa Reply:

    If you drink your blood you might piss on yourself

  3. Margert Reply:

    When you sweat, urinate or lose fluids in any way, you deplete electrolytes in the chloride, bicarbonate, magnesium and phosphorous in your blood. g of sodium. if you're in a pinch you can make your own sports drink by adding a The doctor will most likely request an IV infusion of electrolytes to get your system back Detail:

  4. Wai Reply:

    Sep 16, 2006 Drinking my own blood not other people’s? It’s very easy to get some disease if you drink blood. not digest human blood and you will receive no nutritional value from it, it will just pass through your system. Source(s): I did a sociology paper back in college about people who thought they were vampires.

  5. Georgine Reply:

    In a matter of minutes. I know that because I can’t draw blood when I am dehydrated, but a glass of water works within five minutes. More:

  6. Garnett Reply:

    No… It goes through your digestive system and is not absorbed into the bloodstream… Stop drinking blood… More:

  7. Brandi Reply:

    How do i know when the blood stream? (wanting to drink alcohol tonight)? i finished taking them last Metronidazole is out of my night, and im going to a party tonight and hopi

  8. Luanna Reply:

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  9. Abby Reply:

    Why would you drink your own blood anyways? don't u think that that answer own blood but people say if your drink your won blood that it will go back into

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