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If you have blood clots on your period what does that mean?

Clotting is normal but if the clots are bigger than a quarter and you have a lot of cramps go see your doctor! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aurelia Reply:

    Fortunately, most causes of blood in the stool are not serious and can be easily remedied. Some instances of What Does it Mean If You Have Bloody Stools? Detail:

  2. Mireya Reply:

    No it may not but you should have it checked by a doctor sometimes clots can be a result of fybroids have it checked. Source(s): Had 3 softball fybroids removed myself.

  3. Susana Reply:

    Symptoms of blood clots are pain in the clotted area. It will hurt to put to much force to it. Blood clots cause pain and swelling in the area as well. More:

  4. Brianna Reply:

    Clotting is the body’s way of keeping one from losing too much blood when cut or injured. Platelets help our blood to clot as do proteins in our blood. Both platelets and clotting proteins are required to form good blood clots when there is… More:

  5. Meridith Reply:

    In order to determine the steps of blood clotting, these groups of test given by doctors, will determine how quickly your blood clots. These tests are known as a PT (Prothrombin Time) PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time) and INR (International… More:

  6. Mai Reply:

    Can you have blood clots, period and still be pregnant? 1st day was pinkish then? can stress cause me these it was bleeding with clots symptoms of stomach pain and stomach fee

  7. Angele Reply:

    unfortunatley a womans body is always changing, you just dont ever know what is going to happen to it! I think this is her bodys way of cleaning her out! maybe you should get her checked to see if she has an underlying prob?? cant hurt

  8. Camila Reply:

    What does it mean if you have your period for 2 weeks and it is bright red with blood clots? I dealt with this problem for 2 years, having heavy periods and large clots What does it mean if I have Bright red blood at 15 weeks pregnant?

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