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Is it bad for you to donate plasma?

Plasma donation doesn’t have the dizziness or other side affects as with blood donation, nor are there any long-term side effects! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ladawn Reply:

    Is Donating Plasma Bad? Plasma donations are commonly performed in such a way that whole blood is How Much Do You Get Paid for Donating Plasma? Detail:

  2. Bernarda Reply:

    Millions of people around the world are in need of plasma-based therapies. Plasma donations are used to treat people MORE?

  3. Troy Reply:

    Since I don’t know where you live, I am not going to be able to give you the name of any local plasma donation centers. Just look in the phone book for plasma donations or blood donation. You can call hospitals too, they will give you some … More:

  4. Meaghan Reply:

    To donate plasma you need to go to a plasma donation center, sometimes referred to as a blood bank. They will take your medical history to see if you qualify. If you do the will take you back and you will go through the plasma process which… More:

  5. Callie Reply:

    You would donate plasma at a plasma donation center. Plasma donation centers have gained popularity over the last several years as collection procedures have become safer and in a lot of centers donors are being paid! To find more informati… More:

  6. Alia Reply:

    is it bad for you if about her i need to no if that is bad you donate plasma more then donate plasma like ever time once a mouth? my aunt keeps going to its open i am worried

  7. Tamika Reply:

    its totally fine to donate plasma if youre sleepy! i bet youll wake up when they poke you with the needle!

  8. Marvel Reply:

    Is donating plasma bad for your veins when donating a lot of times? You can chose either but I use the bigger needle because I finish donating faster, however

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