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What are signs of dry socket after tooth extraction?

Signs of a dry socket after a tooth extraction include: bad breath and an unpleasant smell and taste in your mouth! Also, when u look in the socket, you will see only bone (and no blood clots)! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Martina Reply:

    Dry socket is an extremely painful condition that can occur after a tooth has been extracted. Dry socket occurs only with tooth extraction so if you haven't had a tooth Look for other symptoms of dry socket including bad breath, a bad taste in Detail:

  2. Muoi Reply:

    What are the signs and symptoms of a dry socket? A) The usual symptoms a person has after a tooth extraction. With most tooth extractions, a dental patient will

  3. Corie Reply:

    Dry socket typically manifests itself within the first 3-5 days after tooth extraction. No smoking/sucking/spitting and restful activities will dramatically reduce the chances of developing pain. More:

  4. Clelia Reply:

    When you get your tooth pulled you have a hole that wind is not allowed to make contact with and if it does it turns into a dry socket which a dry socket is a blood clot. Keep your mouth shut :) Reply: When your tooth is pulled, you get a b… More:

  5. Shawana Reply:

    Dentists commonly warn patients about the possibilities of getting dry socket after tooth extractions. Dry socket, known as alveolar osteitis in technical terms, is a serious, painful condition that occurs most commonly after a tooth extrac… More:

  6. Dyan Reply:

    Can you get “Dry Socket” from a wisdom tooth extraction closed? I haven’t been smoking or sucking straws IF the socket was stitched or having oral sex for that matter 😉 BUT,

  7. Bridgett Reply:

    I had SIX wisdom teeth removed recently, so I know all about it! First of all, bleeding and oozing are normal, as well as throbbing and aching in nearby areas! If you are bleeding excessively however, you could get a dry socket! This can best be avoided by:- Not drinking from straws- Avoiding hot liquids- refraining from spitting- And of course, not smoking! As you said though, quitting is nearly impossible for you!And above all, dont touch, pick at or squeeze your sockets or anywhere near them! Just keep rinsing with salt water after each smoke, and you should be fine!

  8. Nelly Reply:

    ] Signs and symptoms. Dry socket usually occurs 3-5 days after tooth extraction and causes severe throbbing and radiating pain which is difficult to localize.

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