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What can bad meat do to your body?

You might get food poisoning from eating spoiled meat! With food poisoning you can experience an upset stomach, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, a fever, & dehydration! You need to see a doctor if you have blood in you stool or if your symptoms are severe! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tonisha Reply:

    A better question would really be, "Is pork bad for the body? If you cook your meat to a lower temperature, it can be seen as undercooked. cuts of pork, remove any excess fat and prepare it properly to ensure that it can't do damage to you. Detail:

  2. Deidre Reply:

    Your body may simply be used to eating meat in order to feel well nourished. It can affect Do you think they would apply to you if you became a vegetarian?

  3. Velia Reply:

    As far as meat is concerned it is very delicate. Meat left out overnight should never be consumed and thawing meat should be done in the refrigerator. More:

  4. Vivan Reply:

    Red meat is bad for you because it has quite a bit of cholesterol and saturated fat in it. If you eat red meat in moderation it can be good for you. More:

  5. Nickole Reply:

    Meat can cause – Body odor Constipation Heart attacks Stroke Kidney failure Migraines Colon cancer Prostate cancer More:

  6. Margareta Reply:

    Girls, What kind of body do you think it the most sexy? a skinny body? a body with some meat on teh bones?

  7. Kesha Reply:

    Thechinastudy!com (if it doesnt show up, try !org, but Im sure it was !com) shows a long length study of why japanese and chinese have much longer and more likely to be desiese free lives, and it showed they where low protein (most where vegetarians, vegans, and a few pescitarians, but not all)! The western diet offten has too muchprotein, which very much increases chances of cancer and other such illnesses!A lot of info on why to be at least vegetarian are there! Its a good site, you dont need to buy their book to know enough to convince you, they have A LOT there on that page for free!

  8. Latarsha Reply:

    What does meat do for your body? Improve Meat is bad look at our teeth does it look like there are meant to eat meat? Animal protein is bad for our body.

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