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What causes for your ear to ring?

The noise may arise from some deformation of the blood vessels, in which case it may signal a tumor or aneurysm! Happy Holidays! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shasta Reply:

    One of the main reasons for tinnitus is when you damage or injure hairs in your inner ear. When your inner ear senses any sound, very small and delicate hairs Detail:

  2. Emmy Reply:

    This is a condition that many people suffer from there are also many possible causes of this condition. Ussually the cause of this symptom is damage done to the ear I myself have suffered with this condition (but only in the left ear)

  3. Jeffie Reply:

    Exposure to loud noise can cause tinnitus. You may have heard it after going to a concert or club. It’s a ringing sound that lasts for hours, sometimes days. Usually it goes away but sometimes it remains permanent. Some people have tinnitus… More:

  4. Carlita Reply:

    Ringing in the ears or Tinnitus is very irritating. It can be caused by certain medications, stress, or having fluid built up in the ear. More:

  5. Maryetta Reply:

    Some people think that ringing in your eyes is caused when other people are talking about you. However, doctors confirm that it could be caused by ear wax and the vibration of your ear muscles. More:

  6. Helen Reply:

    I gauged my ear with my 14 gauge tongue ring, what size ear plug can I put in it?

  7. Ronda Reply:

    This is a condition called Tinnitus! It can result if you have a blockage, damage to the ear or sensor hairs in the ear! If the sensor hairs are broken, bent or falling out, this will result in this noise! An ear infection or fluid build up can also cause this problem! Flue, allergy, noise, and nutritional deficiency are some of the other factors that can bring this on! The noise is the brains attempt to rewire itself!Consuming foods rich in B vitamin, manganese, potassium, vitamin A, and C, N-acetylcysteine and zinc might help! It is found that manganese has been linked to ear disorders! In case of infection of any sort or allergy, vitamins A and C, as well as zinc will help to boost the immune system! B vitamins are essential for the reduction of ear pressure and healing (in the case of damage)! N-acetylcysteine along with vitamins A and C helps with the proper balance of ear fluid! Potassium is important for the health of the nervous system and transmission of nerve impulses!Food sources are, pineapple, citruses, tomatoes, nuts, seeds, all yellow and orange colored foods such as pumpkins, carrots, cantaloupe; all green leafy vegetables, broccoli, red pepper, garlic, onion, Brussels sprouts, meats, poultry, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, avocados, mangoes, seaweed, whole grains, blueberries, legumes, apricots, bananas, blackstrap molasses, dulse, dates, garlic, potatoes, winter squash, fish and parsley! You may also need to see a professional!

  8. Norman Reply:

    Condition that causes a ring in your ear? its an infection. What medications can cause your ears to ring? Among medications that can cause tinnitus, the most

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