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What do you have to do to donate plasma?

Check the Yellow Pages for the closest plasma collection center, blood bank or blood collection facility!There are more etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Daphne Reply:

    How to Sell Plasma. If you're looking to make some quick cash you can always donate your plasma, the clear yellowish fluid portion of the blood that transports Detail:

  2. Meaghan Reply:

    Do you test the plasma every time? How is the collected plasma used? How long do I have to wait after donating blood to donate plasma? How does a plasma

  3. Chaya Reply:

    Plasma is the liquid portion of blood that carries vital nutrients through the body and contains important clotting capabilities. Donated plasma is used to treat patients with bleeding disorders, burns and during organ transplants. It also … More:

  4. Ai Reply:

    To donate plasma you need to go to a plasma donation center, sometimes referred to as a blood bank. They will take your medical history to see if you qualify. If you do the will take you back and you will go through the plasma process which… More:

  5. Renna Reply:

    You would donate plasma at a plasma donation center. Plasma donation centers have gained popularity over the last several years as collection procedures have become safer and in a lot of centers donors are being paid! To find more informati… More:

  6. Latesha Reply:

    I can’t donate my blood due to? I can’t donate blood due to having that “Mad Cows Disease” rule (I lived in London), but can I donate plasma lived overseas long enough I “may

  7. Chrissy Reply:

    You did your duty! Dont rush to do it again! I got sick from it, so if you cant do it, then so be it! You can help the organization in other ways, as, for example, in the office! So, dont feel bad about it!

  8. Soo Reply:

    Donating is relatively safe, but some donors have bruising where the needle is . The plasma from whole blood can be used to make plasma for transfusions or

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