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What does it mean when a diabetic is weak and dizzy?

Dizziness in a diabetic can mean that their glucose levels are too high but it can also mean that their glucose levels are too low! That is why diabetics need to test blood sugar levels! Exercise is the most natural way to lower glucose levels! A low glucose level is often treated with OJ or jelly beans! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lynnette Reply:

    What Does it Mean When You are Light-Headed? It's characterized by a feeling of weakness or lightness in the head, dizziness and feeling like you're People with anemia sometimes report feelings of light-headedness, as do diabetics. Detail:

  2. Daisey Reply:

    Reactive Hypothemic Diet, Dizziness & Diet, Diabetic Is Dizzy After Eating a High -Fat Meal, High Sodiu. Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is a condition in which the blood cells do not Feeling shaky, dizzy, weak, irritable and sweating are some of the common You and your cardiologist can discuss what they mean,.

  3. Lacresha Reply:

    It depends on if the back pain and the other symptoms are related. A "pinched nerve" would cause all of those. There are various ways to determine if they are isolated or acting in relation to each other, there are also ways of diffusing ea… More:

  4. Corine Reply:

    Anyone with diabetes has more than likely experienced low blood glucose, or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is sometimes called an insulin reaction because too much insulin or too quick of a response from an insulin dosage or diabetes pills can … More:

  5. Leilani Reply:

    Because diabetes results in an imbalance of insulin levels in the body, glucose levels can spike or drop to potentially dangerous levels without careful monitoring. Multiple reasons bring on dizziness in diabetics. More:

  6. Kiersten Reply:

    what causes a diabetic to be dizzy?

  7. Caryn Reply:

    nothey pick it up early around 28 weeks so they time to get your diet and shots under control

  8. Lashawnda Reply:

    and the right carbs to help you lose weight–the advice for diabetic diets is really very good. You should not feel hungry or weak when dieting. If you reduce your calorie intake so much that you are feeling hungry, weak or dizzy this will mean that your body will It does sometimes, it depends on how hungry you are.

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