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What does it mean when your fingernails turn purple?

If your fingernails are purple that could mean that you have a problem with circulation! Or it could mean that your hands are too cold! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. sonya Reply:

    my husband huff brake solution all day and night he has a high blood preesure he was in the hopistal with kidney failure once what will happen know

  2. Margart Reply:

    What Does it Mean When the White Part on a Nail Turns Clear?. Normally Though some changes in your nails can be warning signs to other health problems, this little change should not worry you. Just like Why Does Glass Turn Purple? Detail:

  3. Maura Reply:

    Jun 11, 2007 Question My fingernails are bluish purple, does this mean I am anemic? Does anyone know why my nails frequently turn purple?

  4. Juan Reply:

    Sounds like she may not be getting enough oxygen in her body. Is she complaining of shortness of breath/difficulty breathing? If she is, I would take her to the ER. The blood pressure is a concern too. Exactly how low was it? It could be pn… More:

  5. Michal Reply:

    Bluish or purple fingernail beds may be a symptom of peripheral cyanosis, which indicates oxygen deprivation. purple finger nails usually is more noticeable when its cold. you probably just have poor circulation. also lack of a certain vita… More:

  6. Kareen Reply:

    Normally if you plant white cauliflower and it starts coming up and turning purple you might think there is something wrong with the plant but to be perfectly honest there is purple cauliflower and it is good to eat as well. If it is white … More:

  7. Mollie Reply:

    What illness causes your fingernails to turn purple? My mother is sick with turning purple out of the the flue(again) and now her fingernails are blue. On Google the only thin

  8. Lan Reply:

    It means youre a witch or have witch blood in you! Probably a family member has passed her powers down to you! Use them wisely!

  9. Tambra Reply:

    What does it mean if your nails are purple? Improve Answer: Improve. You probably bruised you finger and your nail turned purple for a little while. Click Here

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