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What does it mean when your period blood is dark dark red and light flow?

It is normal for the color and heaviness of your menstrual blood to vary throughout the length of your period! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Miyoko Reply:

    What Does Blood in Your Stool Mean? If the blood is dark red or includes clots (clumps of blood aggregate), then it is likely not from a hemorrhoid or an anal Detail:

  2. Rosalie Reply:

    Aug 11, 2011 If you experience spotting and your period does not follow a week or so brown blood and then i started my period but my period is really light. and like .. but its not bright red it started off pink and slimy now its dark pink could I be .. old blood before your actual period flows (again that’s never happend to

  3. Lavenia Reply:

    marine net More:

  4. Katelin Reply:

    Dark, brown menstruation may be a sign that it is ‘old’ blood. Sometimes blood stays in the uterus for a few days before your period ‘starts’…it could be because it is a light flow or that the cervical opening is very narrow making it dif… More:

  5. Sandy Reply:

    If your menstrual blood varies in color & consistency throughout your monthly period, it’s very likely that it’s perfectly normal. More:

  6. Pearline Reply:

    what does it mean if i like 2 in a half hours ago and i just’m bleeding really dark red to first day of my period dark brown blood on the? i just started my period changed my

  7. Isis Reply:

    Def take a pregnancy test!Its possible he got you pregnant on the days u were fertile or the day u ovulated!Go on babyhopes!com and search on the left side for ovulation calendar, put in your last menstrual period and it will tell u the days!Also I might be pregnant too and my last period was also April 3rd! We would have the same due date! Jan 8

  8. Cathy Reply:

    Sometimes blood stays in the uterus for a few days before your period 'starts'it could be because it is Light flows and dark blood could also occur because of dehydration. Period blood can be dark brown, light brown, dark red or red. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose without your permission.

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