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What does spotting look like?

Spotting is periodic drops of blood that can often be seen when wiping or in underwear! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aileen Reply:

    What Does Spotting Look Like?. Vaginal spotting can occur anytime during your reproductive and postreproductive years. It can be the sign of a medical Detail:

  2. Ehtel Reply:

    Spotting may just be a pink tint that you notice on your underwear or when you wipe. It could also be a darker pink or red color.

  3. Karissa Reply:

    Menstrual spotting looks like a red substance called blood. It can also have a dark or brown type tint to it. It will not be a large amount of blood. It will just be a smear or spot coming from the vagina. More:

  4. Regina Reply:

    Sun spots are discolored aread on your skin. They are often a brownish color caused from the sun that can darken with time. They are not serious.You can find more information here: More:

  5. Suzi Reply:

    Liver spots are dark brown, tan, or brown spots on the skin. The are flat lesions on the skin. You can be at risk of skin cancer if you have them. More:

  6. Lyndsey Reply:

    Spotting (Ovulation spotting and implantation spotting)? am quite confused by this term of “Ovulation spotting and implantation spotting”. Do both lead to pregnancy? Last nig

  7. Phylis Reply:

    well for ME it was still red but it was just like a little bit lighter and it was much less of course

  8. Alease Reply:

    What does implantation spotting look like and how long does it last and is there cramping with this? Improve. In: Implantation categories]

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