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What happens if you drink human blood?

You can drink blood, but you need to be aware of blood bourne pathogens and other risks! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dominque Reply:

    When a person doesn't drink enough water, it can have negative effects on the What Happens if You Don't Drink Enough Water? Find out where blood. Detail:

  2. Elicia Reply:

    Well first of most desieses can be tranported through blood. So dont go out sucking blood and be suprized you heve ads the next day.

  3. Jose Reply:

    Nothing in particular if they drink saltwater. Now if you place red blood cells in saltwater then the fluid inside of them will flow out and they will shrink. A process called crenation. If you drink saltwater, it will draw fluid from your … More:

  4. Christiane Reply:

    Nothing bro, unless that bloods got some kind of virus in it. Its not sanitary, but its whatever. Scottish people eat blood for thrills, they call it black pudding its okay! More:

  5. Denny Reply:

    It tends to be very addictive!! i drank it before, and get tempted all the time!! from miss niki=sick freaks!!!!!!! More:

  6. Renna Reply:

    Is it safe for a human to drink another humans blood thier blood flow]? Alright, so if there are no [w/out any traces of diseases in traces of any type of disease [AIDS, HIV,

  7. Vanda Reply:

    no, humans were made with special antibodies that would allow them to eat another human without getting sick! ( that is if needed in dire situations dont go cannbalistic on me noww) if you ate a rabbit raw you would probably get sick and die but not humans! havent you heard of the people who try to act like vampires and drink human blood??

  8. Miss Reply:

    When a person gets a nosebleed while they are sleeping, blood may seep down their throat for several Do you want to drink enough salt water to kill yourself?

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