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What is the fastest time donating blood?

Dependents on how fast is the donors’ blood flow during the operation! But, the operation doesn’t last long for an hour! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cara Reply:

    Each year, thousands of generous people help others by donating blood. time, or other resources, donating blood involves giving a part of oneself so that another person may live. The Best Way to Replace Protein After Plasma Donation Detail:

  2. Jenette Reply:

    Everyone could use some extra money, particularly in hard times. Donating plasma is traditionally done through the Red Cross on a volunteer basis, but . In -home caregiving is the fastest-growing job in America as many citizens reach

  3. Oscar Reply:

    Most healthy people are eligible to give blood. As long as you don’t have any diseases that can travel through the blood, you should have no problem. They test the blood and reject it if it is not good for transfusion. More:

  4. Phylicia Reply:

    Donating blood can help save lives. If you donate blood, it may be used to help someone in need with the same blood type. Also, donating is very easy to do and the amount they take for the donating is minuscule. You won’t miss it! More:

  5. Angelica Reply:

    Donating blood is extremely important to millions of people worldwide. It does not make you gain weight! The blood banks is at an all time low of blood products at the moment and every single donation makes a difference. More:

  6. Olevia Reply:

    Is it true that after donating my blood for the first? hi guys, thanks for the answers! what i meant was later time, my blood pressure will fluctuate in life when i reach 30 y

  7. Richard Reply:

    Did he tell you to see a doc?? He should have! Can be dangerous!

  8. Sandra Reply:

    Obviously a diet containing iron will help improve recovery time. *although not a complete Relevant answers: How long does it take to replace blood after donating blood? . Which brand of window blinds is the best to buy. Which brand sells

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