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What is the upper chamber of the heart?

The atrium is the upper chamber of the heart that collects blood and pumps the blood into the ventricle, which is the lower ventricle! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Ivette Reply:

    The human heart has four separate chambers. Atria are the upper chambers of the heart and ventricles are the lower chambers. There is one atrium and one Detail:

  2. Rhiannon Reply:

    The human heart’s upper chambers, called the atria, lie above the lower chambers, or ventricles. The Right Atrium receives blood from the body and passes it to the right ventricle. The Left Atrium receives blood from the pulmonary system an

  3. Tifany Reply:

    atria More:

  4. Meagan Reply:

    Two. Left and right atrium More:

  5. Jamey Reply:

    The heart has two upper chambers. One of which being the right atrium which pumps deoxygenated blood to the right ventricle, and the other being the left atrium which pumps oxygenated blood to the left ventricle. More:'s_upper_chamber

  6. Rosalee Reply:

    how many bpm does your upper chamber of your heart beat

  7. Marta Reply:

    This is called an ASD! Atrial Septal DefectTo first have a look at the little hole they will as you say put a camera in!This is done by using tiny devices which they feed up through usually the artery in his groin until they get it in his heart!Thats a fairly fast procedure and the tiny cut they make in his groin to feed the fine tube in will be numb with a local anesthetic and your brother will also be sedated!In a child the sedation will be heavy as kids arent so good at lying still!Once they find the hole they can then establish what needs to be done!Often it can be closed at the same time as this examination to find it is done!In this case the procedure would last a bit longer!Once the septum ( the muscle between the top two chambers is seen) it may be possible for a cardiologist to guide the tube into the correct area ! A special implant is positioned into the hole in the septum and will flatten against the septum on both sides to close and permanently seal the ASD! Like a double sided disc that closes against itself!This next bit is from the source link I will give you!In the beginning, the natural pressure in the heart holds the device in place! Over time, the normal tissue of the heart grows over the device and covers it entirely! This non-surgical technique for closing an ASD eliminates the scar on the chest needed for the surgical approach, and has a shorter recovery time, usually just an overnight stay in the hospital!This is the most likely scenario but if the hole is too big they would need to do an open operation!You can read all about it on the same link rather than me repeat it all here!I know its worrying for you and the rest of the family but its not difficult surgery and your brother is a good age and strong enough to be aware of whats going on!Overnight stay if its the first procedure two or three days if its the open one!Hope he gets fixed out soon and I am sure he will be fine!

  8. Lavon Reply:

    The two upper chambers in your heart are called the atria. One on its own is an atrium. This comes from the Latin word for an open entrance area in a house,

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