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What organ filters your blood?

The liver is a large vascular glandular organ that secretes bile and causes changes in many substances contained in the blood! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Selena Reply:

    While we may not often think about the spleen as a blood-filtering organ, it is one of the most vascular organs in the human body. As it works to clean blood, Detail:

  2. Bonnie Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Kidneys filter waste & excess fluid from the blood & passes them out of the body as urine.

  3. Nisha Reply:

    liver More:

  4. Denae Reply:

    the kidneys is the pair of organs that filters blood – the spleen and liver also play a role. More:

  5. Joette Reply:

    the spleen More:

  6. Belle Reply:

    which organ of the excretory system filters urea toxins and wastes from the blood?

  7. Simone Reply:

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  8. Florinda Reply:

    The Kidney filters the blood. Which organ filters your blood? liver. The organ that filters blood is the? The spleen acts as a filter for your blood, cleansing it of

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