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When can you smoke after you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

Smoking after wisdom teeth removal increases the odds of a dry socket! A dry socket is the exposure of bone at the site of extraction that can cause infection! It is best to wait for a blood clot to form and stabilize over the area before smoking! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Melonie Reply:

    experience. Here are some tips to help you recover after having wisdom teeth removed. You will likely get two prescriptions after your wisdom tooth extraction . Painkillers for pain Don't smoke cigarettes for at least a few days. Dry socket Detail:

  2. Lynelle Reply:

    If you can wait another 3 or 4 days, you’ll reduce your chances of problems I smoked after getting wisdom teeth pulled and I got dry sockets.

  3. Janetta Reply:

    wow i can’t believe who ever "edited" my answer actually deleted it. If you smoke if makes your blood thinner, which stops the clotting process. It also adds chemicals in the open area which which can lead to infections and tenderness. Also… More:

  4. Mirta Reply:

    It is recommended by a dentist to smoke AFTER TWO FULL DAYS, meaning at least 48 hours after the removal of wisdom teeth. Also keep in mind that the dentist said this time is an estimate as peoples healing processes differ. He said some sho… More:

  5. Marielle Reply:

    I do not recommend smoking after getting your teeth pulled. However, I know how hard it is to go without having a cigarette. The first thing to know is that right after you have your Wisdom Teeth pulled, you are not going to feel like smoki… More:

  6. Gwenn Reply:

    I got my teeth wisdom teeth? What if i vaporize it? What if i bite down pulled 3 days ago is pulled 3 days ago is it okay to smoke? I got my wisdom teeth it okay to smoke weed

  7. Adaline Reply:

    Hi, I got my wisdom teeth pulled 3 weeks ago! Perhaps I can help answer your questions! I was wondering a lot of the same things you are after I got my teeth pulled so I called the surgeons office and this is what they told me:1! My surgeon said I will know if I had dry socket because the pain will be UNBEARABLE!2! He told me to wait a week without smoking or using a straw!3! My jaw was really stiff the first few days, and three weeks later it still feels a little stiff when I yawn! Im sure this is normal because they have to keep your mouth open for a while when they take out the teeth!4! I think they told me to wait at least a day before I do ANY physical activity! But I wasnt able to do much until a week later! Its been three weeks since my surgery, Im still using Tylenol and my mouth gets sore if I do too much stuff physically! So just follow your body, if you feel sore then maybe you should wait a little longer before going to the gym! And then when you start exercising again, make sure you start off slowly to make sure you dont push yourself too far!5! After 6 days of surgery, I was eating soft foods like pasta (thats cooked until tender), bread dipped in milk, and soft fruits like peaches, bananas, and pears! You can also try mashed potatoes! Those are really good when you cant chew that well! I know I got tired of all the soft food after a few days, but its really important that you avoid hard foods as that might cause problems with the healing!6! Yeah, I had a lot of pain when I didnt take the pain medications (Mine was like a four or five on the one to ten scale as well)! I called the surgeons office and they told me to keep taking the pain medications and rest! If I still have no relief, they said to try putting ice on the outside of my face! That really helped! So yes, Id say what youre feeling is normal! Just hang in there! Its been three weeks for me and I still take Tylenol for some soreness there! But the office assured me that this is normal!7! Two of my wisdom teeth were impacted (I got all 4 pulled)! My face was swollen for the first 3-4 days and then it went down! The office asked me about the swelling a week later and I told them it was barely noticeable and they told me that was great! So it looks like youre right on track! :-)8! If you cant open your mouth that wide, perhaps you can buy a small baby toothbrush that will help you get in all the corners and hard-to-reach areas! And also make sure you rinse with salt water! Thats my surgeon told me will keep the extraction areas clean!9! Sounds like youre trying to do it all right! Just try to avoid smoking/using a straw at least until Monday! And dont push yourself physically! Relax and make sure to take your pain medications! Youll do just fine!10! They said dry socket is most common 2-5 days after the surgery so if you dont have it now, you probably wont get it! Just keep following all the instructions the surgeon gave you for post-op care, thatll really help you avoid dry socket! I didnt get dry socket and Im VERY happy about that!11! All my stitches were dissolved when I went in for a follow-up appointment 10 days later! Some of them dissolved less than a week after the surgery, and I think the last one dissolved the day of my follow-up appointment!12! Yes, since it hasnt been a week yet for you, you shouldnt use a straw or smoke! Itll only make it more difficult for everything to heal and could cause dry socket! So please follow all the doctors post-op instructions!I wish you the very best on your recovery! Youll be back to normal before you know it! 😉

  8. Laura Reply:

    If you smoke if makes your blood thinner, which stops the clotting process. It also adds Can you smoke weed after you get your wisdom teeth pulled? you are

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