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Why do i always have to poop so much when my period starts?

It’s possible that your body is preparing to lose the abnormal amounts of blood! Be sure to stay hydrated! !! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Jalisa Reply:

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  2. Omega Reply:

    Jun 1, 2009 Why do I always have to poop while on my period? 2days prior I started feeling bloted an had gas 2dys later I were bleed thats a great feeling

  3. Dominica Reply:

    People pooped based on their diet, not because they are on the period. It is just a coincidence that you are more regular. More:

  4. Christeen Reply:

    Ask to speak to your Mum in private as you have something to tell her. Can You Tell More:

  5. Chanell Reply:

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  6. Debera Reply:

    Period cramps before period starts…no period…pregnant? Ok. so i thought i was breasts and backaches and headaches having pregnancy symptoms like sore, as well as the major

  7. Kaci Reply:

    Youve developed an obsession! First stop eating cereal for breakfast, the fiber in the cereal or the milk may be causing it! Are your stools normal or are they loose?? Since you say you have rumbling Im gonna guess loose! you may have developed a milk allergy! Cut out all milk for a week and see if that helps! (milk used in cooking is usually ok)! If it doesnt help you need to see a Dr!

  8. Anissa Reply:

    it is common for girls to poop a lot during their period because of hormone level changes. the It depends on how much they eat. If you have a lot of dischare will you start your period? By doing so, you include all of your history (contributions , messages, profile) from your account in your Facebook account.

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