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Why do I sweat so bad in the morning?

Have you check you blood pressure lately?? if it is high it can cause night sweats! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kristeen Reply:

    In the morning, wash you armpits with soap and water and apply your deodorant. In some cases the sweating can be so bad that you may need to seek a Detail:

  2. Deetta Reply:

    I am always hot—always—and tend to sweat under my arms, which drives me crazy and causes me When I hear that, my sweaty underarms don’t sound too bad. Do you have any tricks that prevent sweating that you would like to share?

  3. Calandra Reply:

    Sweat is made of water, with tiny amounts of other chemicals like ammonia, urea, salts, and sugar which make it stink. More:

  4. Kamala Reply:

    Some people suffer from excessive sweating, a common condition called Hyperhidrosis. Not race related though. More:

  5. Kimberely Reply:

    you might be very stressed about something. that might cause it. or worried. very worried More:

  6. Keshia Reply:

    i have a bad sweat problem it is not working and especially at school my sweat gross? i use a natural deoderant levels just rise and smell from the body shop but i get rid of

  7. Tianna Reply:

    youre probably uncomfortable and nervous bout the situation!

  8. Rosella Reply:

    It may be only affective is slowly hindering the sweat glands in the feet over time. You use it (expecting to feel better in the morning) and because you see a . I purchased the kinoki footpads because my feet would hurt so bad when I would

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