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Would an STD cause brown discharge?

I have searched an STD Symptoms site and never saw brown discharge as a symptom! Usually brown discharge is old blood releasing from the uterus! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Elana Reply:

    The term "light pink spotting" refers to trace amounts of blood that are the unfertilized egg, the blood flow can show up as light pink or brown spotting. Infections of this nature are typically caused by STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Detail:

  2. Sanjuanita Reply:

    Abnormal Vaginal Discharge; Bloody Vaginal Discharge; Brown Vaginal Vaginal Discharge; Normal Vaginal Discharge; Smelly Vaginal Discharge; STD This normal fluid is usually clear or milky white and does not have an unpleasant odor. Chlamydia In Women Chlamydia, a type of bacteria that causes an infection,

  3. Felecia Reply:

    You mentioned before that you were just before having your period.Brown discharge is usually just blood, sometimes old blood-… More:

  4. Cindie Reply:

    Brown vaginal discharge happens to some women before and after their periods. It can also be a sign of an STD or infection, so talk to your doctor if this problem persists. More:

  5. Marianna Reply:

    It is common for a woman to have brown vaginal discharge during her menstrual cycle. There is no known reason for the variation in color of discharge that women experience. Look here for more information:… More:

  6. Gina Reply:

    BROWN DISCHARGE- BLOOD OR STD? ummm sooo no one preach wrong…..but well after about 3 months i know unprotected sex is of no sex I gave it up last Saturday… not to be expl

  7. Venetta Reply:

    Dried blood is brown! Spotting blood or brown discharge can occur during mid-cycle! As you mentioned your period is not due for 2 weeks, this probably doesnt mean much! If however, this were to happen during the time of your period and without your usual flow–and you ahve had unprotected sex–you may be pregnant!UPDATE: What you have sounds like Metrorrhagia, which means light bleeding during menstrual periods! Have you experienced any cramping?? If so, an ectopic pregnancy may be at hand! Theres no way to know for sure until you see a doctor and find the underlying cause!

  8. Vernie Reply:

    However if your a womman, then what also can cause brown discharge is before or after your period. If the problem continues go see a doctor and learn more

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